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Thursday, July 21, 2011


My legs have been hurting like crazy! It feels like they do after a while after a run or when im dehydrated from a hangover lol. It really hurts! I dont think im dehydrated because i have been drinking a lot of fluids so i am sure it is due to pregnancy. I have heard that bananas help so i am going to buy some tomorrow. I hope it works because i am in pain!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So at my last OB appointment I was 9 weeks and 5 days. My OB tried the doppler on me to see if she could find the heartbeat. She couldn't :( but she said she wasn't surprised bc I was really early. Well.......of course I have been freaking out about EVERYTHING so I decided to purchase my own at home doppler even though my OB says they DO NOT work. I wanted to give it a try for myself. The doppler came in the mail today and of course I tried it right away! I tried for a good 25 min. and only heard my own heartbeat :( BUT THEN.......a tiny little sound that I had to put my ear up to the thing to hear......boomboomboomboomboom A LOT more faster than my own pulse (bc I compared) it was so quiet that the monitor wasn't picking up the bpm so i pressed a little harder and......165 bpm!!! YAY!!! I am soooooo excited!!!! :):):) Oh and by the way I am 10 weeks 3 days today! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

10 Weeks!

It is still hard to believe I am pregnant and very hard not to worry that im not. I am still hoping for the best! I get an ultrasound on August 12 and can hardly wait! The nausea is tappering off a bit and turning into extreme hunger. Except nothing or only a few select things sound good! Like right now i am eating banana pudding and pickles. (Not together) lol!
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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I feel so incredibly fat right now! I havent gained much weight since ive been pregnant but thats bc i gained a TON before! I was so proud of myself last summer when i lost 40 lbs and now ive gained it all back. :( the real frustrating part is that i am really motivated to lose lose lose but i cant because of the pregnancy. :( all i know is that i feel disgusted with myself and i really hope i dont gain anymore!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Battling Nausea

Today I have been the most nauseous I have ever been. Many people have told me to eat small meals every 2 hours but I can't even handle that! I am constantly nauseous and extremely tired and eating is the last thing I want to do. I will choke down some crackers just to settle my stomach as much as I can but that's about it. Then after going practically all day without eating I am starving and a "small meal" just isn't enough so I eat until I am full. Ugh! I really hope this ends in the 2nd trimester! Also nothing ever sounds good so I have been breaking the bank buying food that I am craving because the food I thought sounded good when I bought it no longer sounds good. :( The only good thing about this is that I am maintaining my weight because I don't want to gain too much since I am already overweight as that will be dangerous for myself and the baby.